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In an ideal world most forklift training Walsall providers would like to run a forklift training course situation where we have plenty of room to manoeuvre, on a laser levelled smooth floor surface, were there is conveniently situated racking systems for our forklift training course operators to practise on, lots of things to stack and de-stack such as pallets, stillage’s IBC’s etc.

An ideal forklift training course situation would be the absence of other forklift trucks and pedestrian movement whilst the forklift training course is being conducted. Just to put the icing on the cake a forklift trucks availability for the full duration of the forklift training Walsall course that shines and gleams like the day it left the manufactures factory.

But it is not an ideal world is it? Most forklift truck training courses have to be undertaken at clients’ premises within their own working environment, this could be dirty, noisy, cold, damp, poorly lit and busy with both pedestrian and other forklift truck activity. More than likely it will have far from ideal floor and ground situations with pot holes, uneven and slippery surfaces with cramped space to manoeuvre. The forklifts though fully serviceable can be dirty and old and uncomfortable a world far from ideal with only a bulk bag to move, nothing to stack at any height other than to load or unload a lorry. This is the real world. This is the workplace. This is why forklift truck operator training courses should and needs to be geared towards being able to work safely and efficiently in all situations, at all times.

Bespoke Forklift Training Walsall Courses

Our forklift training Walsall courses are both bespoke and tailored to customer requirements by instructors who fully understand that many working environments are far from the ideal world situation. Our instructors are professionally able to adapt to individual site situations whilst achieving the forklift training course criteria and ultimate goal. Safety. Our instructors are equally happy to conduct forklift training courses within our forklift training centre which is all of the above ideal world situations, but we all agree that nothing is better than training forklift operators in the working environment to which they will conduct their daily activities as fully trained forklift operators.

Once trainees have successfully completed an accredited or in-house only forklift training course they will receive an A5 laminated certificate as shown. (Plastic credit card wallet sized photo ID card licence can be issued as an optional extra)

Why is forklift operator truck training essential?

Forklift trucks are powerful heavy pieces of industrial lifting equipment that require 100% concentration 100% of the time. Training forklift operators to a high operating standard regardless of the ideal world or real world situation is essential for the safety of everyone on site. Forklift trucks are probably the biggest risk factor most employers have on site, so equipping your forklift truck operators with the right knowledge both theoretically and practically through a bespoke or formatted forklift training course is the best way of ensuring that everyone goes home in the same condition they arrived at work in.

Barry Meakin Training & Consultancy are able to deliver you the best forklift training Walsall course for almost every kind of Forklift truck used in industry today. Our Forklift training Walsall courses are fully compliant to the training requirements of all current legislation. All Forklift training records are fully documented and stored for each operator for up to 5 years. These legal forklift training records Cleary document that forklift operator training covered the methods of use, the risks associated with the use of forklift trucks and the precautions that fully trained forklift operators can take when using them regardless of environment. Professional forklift training courses pay for themselves in the long term. So if you are looking for a forklift truck operator training course in Walsall contact us today.

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